Maddy & Mylee

Okay, so I took a little longer on blogging this one out, sorry Jaclynn and Jason. While in Michigan I had a blast photographing my good friends little girls. They are adorable and have the biggest, bluest eyes. Look out Jason, these two are going to melt some hearts in the future!
Smiley Mylee
Miss Maddy
I love this one...such cute tushies!


  1.'re the best! I love 'em! Can't wait to get these up around my house. We feel so lucky to have you capture such a great time in our life with such amazing photos. THANKS a million!

  2. I love them all! The girls are so darn cute and Trisha you did such a good job! I wish you could take pictures of my girls too!

  3. Ava and I just love the pictures of the girls:) You do such a great job!!! Could Ava get her 3 year pictures sometime in the fall with you? Let me know when a good time is for you. Would love to see the kiddies.

  4. Trish, What beautiful pictures of my 2 sweet granddaughters. You have a knack of capturing the right moment!! Thank you so much! Gramma Nancy

  5. How come I never saw these before? Maddy and Mylee are soooo cute! Honestly, they are just adorable!