Kelsi and Carson

Here is the first of many that I will be posting of these beautiful babies. One of my best friends gave birth to Kelsi and Carson a few weeks ago...and to be honest I was waiting somewhat impatiently to come over and photograph them. I will post of few more by the end of the tomorrow...but I had to put one up here right away! Thanks Teresa and Rick and congrats!!!
Here is Kelsi...
And now Carson...


  1. OMG.........I love them so knew that when I called you crying though. You are so talented!!! and wanted to let you know that Jack and Ady looked adorable too :) See ya soon

    Thanks Auntie Tricia
    Carson and Kelsi

  2. OMG....these pictures are soooooo adorable!!!

  3. Those are the cutest babies in the world and I'm so glad I got to go visit them and snuggle them. Tricia..I would love if you would take some pictures of my baby Grace some day!!!
    Emily Winchell-Payette