The Rochon-Luft Family

Tonight I had the absolute joy of photographing my oldest sister's family. It started off quite funny with her two dogs chomping on some goose poop, but after the laughs and a few gags, we got some great photos! I think I may have the cutest nieces... oh yes, and their parents are pretty easy to photograph too! Thanks to Torrie and Tom, Callie and Allison...hope you enjoy your sneak peak!


  1. My dear sister is a goddess with the camera. She continually amazes me. I must admit, Trish, you are brilliant and see things that I don't. I'm amazed that you can make us look so good....we thank you for the priceless photography. We're blessed to have you as a sister/auntie. Love you lots....


    I love love love the pictures. They are beautiful. I am amazed by them. Can you please teach me how to do this? Bye I love you!


    I thought you did a beautiful job on the pictures. I really love them. They are the best pictures I have ever seen taken! I like how you did the different colors like black and white and brownish. Thank you for the pictures they are beautiful!
    love,Allison Luft

    Once again, great work keeping the shoot together with 2 fiesty dogs, a couple of rambunctious kids, 1 glamorous hot blonde and the uni. The pictures turned out wonderful. You are the best!
    Girl Power,
    Notorious BIG Daddy T

  2. Love the pictures! What a beautiful family!

  3. You all look great! I especially love the one where you all have your "sassy" look. Bella and Sophie were good little posers, as well!

  4. such unique family

  5. Undeniably the quintessential yet unique blend of the modern American family, minus the white picket fence and swimming pool.