Little Max

I traveled down to the suburbs of Chicago to photograph my adorable little nephew, Max. And as always, Tracy and Mike were up for anything. He's a sleepy little guy, but we did manage to keep him awake for few. So here are a way too many again, hope you enjoy!


  1. Trish-
    I love them. Max is such a sweet little peanut! Tracy looks great...doesn't look sleep deprived at all...must be a really good baby! Mike and Tracy both look so happy!

  2. Tricia, thank you again and again and again for your beautiful work. We will absolutely cherish these pictures forever. I think the toughest part will be choosing just one for his announcement.

  3. They are amazing, and we can't thank you enough for driving all the way down here to take our little guy's pictures. He certainly loves his Auntie Ishy...and you captured his handsomeness! I especially love the one of he and his dad!